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Large Display Units

Do you have a solar system on your roof or at another place which is not easy to reach. And would you like to present this expensive investment of yours to your visitors, but can’t because nobody can see it on the roof or wherever it is?

Do you want to show your visitors how much energy is beeing produced by your solar system at the moment without running down the stairs into the cellar and reading out the electricity counter?

Or do you simply have a demand for a representative display at the entrance area of your company, your office, your school or your private home? The possible applications are infinite.

We will provide the right tool to you to present your investment to the public. With an HvG Large Display Unit you can show your visitors exactly the most interesting values and features of your PV-system and - if required - also other practical information. Please have a look at our application examples.

Our display units can be designed according to your wishes when it comes to size and front layout. We can realize every possible layout and offer the possibility to show any other values besides the values from the PV-system (if technically possible).

For communication with our displays we offer RS232/RS485 interfaces, S0-Interface (Pulse-interface) or even a wireless DECT interface which enables the display unit to operate free of data cables for about 300m outside or 50m inside of buildings (depending on the circumstances in the application). A great number of different types of dataloggers can be connected through the RS232/485 interface, like SMA, Fronius, SolarLog, Papendorf, SolarMax, etc. The S0-Interface can be used to connect the display unit to any kind of Solar-system independent of the inverter or datalogger which is working in it. In this case an electricity counter with a pulse-output (S0-Interface) will drive the display. The microprocessors of the display unit will generate the required data from the incoming pulses of the counter.

Modular Design

Single modules with either 4 or 6 digits can be put together to large display units according to the customers requirements. Beside the standard parameters such as output power in kW and total energy yield in kWh further parameters can be shown on the custom tailored display. The cases of our display units are made of solid aluminium profile according to industry standards. They have either the protection class IP20 for indoor applications or IP65 for outdoor applications. They are normally wall mounted but can also be delivered with wall or floor mounted racks / stands.

Intelligent Control

The large display is either managed by the universal PV-plant monitoring device Sunny Boy Control which logs and evaluates the according data for the display or driven by a pulse counter, completely independent from the type of inverter used. The displays microprocessors utilize the data and display it on the LED elements.

Model Variety

The standard digit sizes are 20mm, 57mm and 100mm - while other larger sizes can be delivered upon customer request. The display is mounted either in an aesthetic standard case or in a customized version with customer specific colors and labeling in any desired language.